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      Nekoterm Ltd is an engineering company established in 1991. by master engineer Neiko Nekov. The company develops its activities in the field of heating, air conditioning and RES (Renewable Energy Sources), covering consulting, design, installation, commissioning and servicing of established plants and equipment.
     Thanks to many years of gained experience in the field of heat engineering and continuous qualification of our team of professionals, we from Nekoterm offer to our customers high quality performance of the newest, most efficient heating and air conditioning systems. Our goal is to achieve optimal ratio between initial investment and energy cost, according to existing regulations.
     In our work we follow an individual approach to each situation, guided by your desire and our professional experience. To achieve maximum economy and efficiency, our team will design for you the most appropriate system taking into consideration your personal preferences and specific architectural requirements of your building.
     The effectiveness of a system depends on its energy
consumption and repayment period. To get the most out of your investment in a property, you must use all its natural features. For this purpose we consult, design, issue energy passports and energy efficiency certificates. We make EE compliance evaluation and audit of the energy efficiency of buildings.
     The use of Renewable Energy Sources, in addition to reducing energy costs, reduces emissions and protects the environment.
     We, from Nekoterm, will assist you in constructing a building with the lowest optimal energy cost.

Certificates and licenses

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about nekoterm about nekoterm